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Bistecca Farm

Fattoria Bistecca or "T-Bone steak Farm" says "Welcome"
From a passion for Family tradition and agriculture "Fattoria Bistecca" was born. Fattoria Bistecca is a family-owned farm in the Chiana Valley, at the foot of Cortona, and takes its name from the Salvadori’s family farming history.

Fattoria Bistecca has been meticulously restored. It is surrounded by over 37 acres of grain, fields of sunflowers, alfalfa and beautiful vinyards. The farm is also home to many animals including ponies, chickens, hens, geese, ducks, doves and sheep. Our sheep are famous because they are in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. In the movie, the sheep stop the bus in front of "Bramasole" where Frances decides to buy the house.

Offerings at Fattoria Bistecca include:

Lapo, Paola, Ilaria & Laura are waiting for you
Come join us at Fattoria Bistecca!

Cooking Class

Cooking Class:
“Old Tuscan Recipes”

The new kitchen has been built where the Chianini cattle lived in the past. Ilaria and her family are recreating the recipes and passion of Great Grandmother Dinda and Aunt Anna.

Starting with pasta: pici, tagliatelle, pappardelle, gnocchi; then an appetizer which will change with the season. We are very lucky because we will get fresh vegetable products from Mama Paola's garden. We will cook panzanella, ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, zucchini flowers and more.The cooking class will include a dessert: tiramisù, cantucci toscana (almond biscuits), zuppa Inglese.

The recipes are seasonal using fresh products.  You can choose your favourite recipe.  The adventure will end at our beautiful table while you are enjoying the meal you have created.

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Cheese Making Class

Cheese Making Class
“The Art of Pecorino”

Lapo and Ilaria teach the traditional method of production and aging of Pecorino. Typically, Tuscan cheese is produced from sheep milk. We don’t pasteurize our milk and therefore, this cheese is a raw milk cheese. It is a unique and different experience. During the course, you will produce three types of cheese: raveggiolo, pecorino and ricotta. Our Ricotta is also mentioned in the Under the Tuscan Sun Cookbook by Frances Mayes.

The experience will end with a wonderful tasting of Tuscan bruschetta, pecorino cheese, pasta, and ricotta with jam, all accompanied by good wine.

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Farm tour and tasting

Welcome, our farm welcomes you for a tour or a traditional food tasting.

If you want to experience the customs and traditions of country life, spend a relaxing day or evening at the farm and enjoy the good life and the good food the farm has to offer, we await your visit!

We have a wonderful Casale walking distance to the town of Cortona where you can reserve your holiday.

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How to get there

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